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Flow Data Flow

End-To-End & Enterprise ATS solution for HR where data flows freely from the requisition phase, to recruitment phase, to offer finalisation-and-approval phase… and all the way to onboarding and into the contract and the forms and into your own Payroll/HRMS systems.

Approval Workflow

In seconds managers can submit a request to recruit, no matter where they are and even from their mobiles. Other managers, executives and HR in your organisation will then approve it one at a time until the request is completely approved. Once approved HR is notified and then and only then posting/sourcing and recruitment can begin.

Job Posting

In a few clicks post your job to your own career site, free and paid job-boards… as well as to social sites. MyRecruitment+ has the most advanced multi-posting tool in the world - it’s very flexible and yet super easy to use - just tick the job-boards you want to post your job to… and click post.

Career Site

The MyRecruitment+ Enterprise pricing pack comes with a free branded career site - we build it for you and brand it to match your own career site.
You can have it installed right inside your webpages or you can have it running on a seperate sub-domain such as ‘’.
We have created a super cool WordPress plug-in so our clients can install and customise themselves if they choose to. This way our clients can choose to customise the job-board functionality and the branding without having to rely on us - you choose to work with a third-arty creative agency for this matter or use your own creative team from marketing to customise the career site. If you’re a coding Ninja or have access to web developers you might prefer to access our job-board API to build your career site - using the API is the most flexible way of building a career site because you don’t even have to use PHP or WordPress… working on the Ninja level with the API(s), you’ll be able to use any programming language, such as C# for example to build your career site to look, feel and function in any way you want!.

Custom Screening Questions templates

Our Application Form builder is the easiest and coolest tool to use - you can create any question you like! Multi-choice question, single-choice, question, date, number… etc. Anything you like. You can even have dependencies between the questions - for example, you ask the question of ‘Do you have the right to work in the US?’ and if they select the ‘No’ from the dropdown, then and only then a new dropdown question comes up: ‘What type of Visa do you have?”.

You can also create different screening question templates (forms) that suit your various roles and then all you have to do is select from a dropdown which template you want to use for the job you’re posting.

Our application forms are very strategic and powerful for our clients… because you can drive the traffic from Indeed, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Seek and any other job-board… drive all the candidates into your application form hosted on your own career site. This way you only have to maintain one set of screening questions and all candidates are put through the same application funnel.

Custom Recruitment Workflow & Automations

This is one of the most powerful features of the platform - you can customise your recruitment workflow to make it match your recruitment process perfectly… and this is only the beginning as you can even setup automations, notifications at each step in the process. You can share the candidate with managers, you can pop up one of your E-Forms… and much more, right there from the recruitment workflow - your users will never forget to do something… all they have to worry about is moving a candidate from stage to the next and the platform automation engine will make sure they do what they have to do at that particular stage they’re moving the candidate to. You can even have multiple recruitment workflows to better match the various roles and divisions in your organisation that you’re recruiting for.

Talent Communities (pools)

Easily setup and maintain your talent pools (communities) and so the users who do screening and shortlisting can tag candidates with one or more talent pools with a single click. We make it so easy and available for them at their fingertips, therefore allowing you to create beneficial and up-to-date talent pools. Talent pools are like talent on tap as they can be a super efficient way for you to quickly contact quality candidates about a role without having to spend money on job advertisements.

SMS, Email and

(NOTE: Focus on branded email templates and on the 2-WAY SMS concept)
SMS are instant messaging and so they’re a very efficient and sometimes crucial way of contacting candidates for urgent roles. Our users can buy SMS credits in affordable packs and are able to SMS candidates anywhere in the world and they can do so either one on one, or in bulk. 2-WAY SMS allow all replies from candidates to also be stored against the candidates’ records and so this way you don’t miss out on any history and you’ll be able to read the full communication that took place not just one side of the story.

Bulk SMS and
Email communications

Filter, search and add candidates to a list and when you’re ready you can select the right template, write a subject and push the send button. Our bulk email and SMS module allows you to keep in touch with candidates and most importantly invite a group of relevant candidates… from a talent pool for example… invite them to apply for a role you’re recruiting for. Our users can create branded email templates or text-based SMS templates and so your emails look very professional and when you want to communicate with candidates you don’t have to worry about tying it from scratch.


We promise you that you will have the best E-Form system in the world! Our E-Form system part of the backbone of the platform. Our custom field system is the backbone and the E-Form system is nothing but a collection of those fields. So you can trust to have an E-Form system that’s flexible and seamlessly integrated within every part of the request-to-recruit (requisition), recruitment and the onboarding modules.

Final Offer Approval

(NOTE: When you start at the initial request to recruit… you might decide to offer 60K but after you’ve gone to the market and tested water, you might realise that you need 70k to get this type experience…. So you will need to have the increase approved before you can offer that new money to the candidate).
Finalise Your Offer/Have it Approved: HR or managers can finalise their offer to candidates by editing and fine tuning the original request-to-recruit (requisition) that the business has already approved in order to create the final offer details. They can then either have the changes approved again or they can go straight to onboarding, generate an offer/contract and send it to the candidate for signing.

End-to-End Recruitment & Onboarding Solution

Your recruitment data flows freely from your own HR system, to MyRecruitment+ and then back into your HR and Payroll system. The data in the request-to-recruit flows into recruitment, and from recruitment into the Offer phase, and straight into the employment contract/offer. This is why we say it’s a true End-to-End enterprise-grade recruitment & Onboarding system that’s flexible, powerful and integrates with your own HR / Payroll system.

Video Interviews

90% of resumes are now built from a template downloaded from the internet. So even on a good day when a candidate spends hours and days writing their resume using their own style, structure and format… it’s still a one-dimensional piece of information about the candidate. A recorded Video Interview, breathes liveness into it and adds the two missing dimensions to make 3D. It helps you to unearth the soft skills, the communications skills, the personality and the emotional intelligence of the candidate. This way you don’t waste neither the candidates’ time nor yours… and only setup live interviews (online or face to face) with those who are a very close match to what you’re looking for. Unlike a live interview that take at least an hour to setup, prepare for and sit through… watching a pre-recorded video interview will only take you 2 minutes to figure out if this is someone you want to continue with.

Psychometrics Talent Assessment

Using organizational psychology & technology we extract big-5 based psychometric reports from Video Interviews.

In a few clicks you can invite a candidate to record a video interview - the candidate clicks on a link in their email and in minutes they can record their answers from the comfort of their home and even from their phone. As soon as the video interview is completed, our technology starts analysing those videos and within 15 minutes a latent assessment report is produced.

In a few clicks you invite a candidate to record a video interview - the candidate clicks on a link in their email and in minutes they can record their answers from the comfort of their home and even from their phone. As soon as the video interview is completed, our technology starts analysing those videos and within 15 minutes a latent assessment report is produced.

Paperless Digital Onboarding

Onboarding is the heart of Employee Experience! Our branded, modern and beautiful onboarding technology is the easiest to use in the world. Setup your own packs for each of your roles or divisions and have them ready to use. Your 100% paperless onboarding packs include videos, digital signing documents, E-Forms, read-and-agree PDF documents… etc. In a few clicks you can select the right pack and send to the candidate - the candidate gets a branded self-explanatory email… the click on a link in the email to go to the the branded self-onboarding portal where the can self-onboard themselves from anywhere in minutes and even while on their phone while commuting home from work.

Seamless Integration With Your Payroll / HRMS Systems
The MyRecruitment+ Integration Connectors

The MyRecruitment+ Integration Connectors allow you to transfer your MyRecruitment+ data straight into your Payroll, HRMS, HRIS systems. So as soon as your candidates complete their digital onboarding packs, all the information about the position and the new hires can be automatically transferred to your Payroll / HRMS system.

The MyRecruitment+ platform comes with a set of standard Integration Connectors and we’re happy to create custom-built connectors when required. We are currently integrated with and in the process of integrating with the following systems:

Aurion, Preceda, Sage MicrOpay, MYOB’s PayGlobal, ADP, Xero, Definitiv, KeyPay and We expect to have over 30 connectors within 12 months.